Welcome to Toxique magazine!

As a visual contemporary artist myself (www.mariewengler.com) I’ve decided to create Toxique Magazine – a free online e-magazine which features both established and upcoming talented dedicated artists.

Being an artist, I have often experienced how immensely difficult it can be to have your work shown in the best media, have your name enshrined and your pictures respected and recognized.

Since I moreover have a huge passion for art in general and through different social media have established contact with many very talented aspiring artists, it is obvious for me to create a free e-magazine where all kinds of talented artists – established as well as unestablished – have the opportunity to have their pictures featured without limitation as regards the number of pages in the magazine, and without prejudices if the artists do not have the appropriate artistic academic background. What is important are talent and passionate dedication.

My hope for the magazine is that it – in addition to creating focus on talented artists – in the future might will help to create opportunities for donations to artists and artistic projects that need financial support.

And of course it is also my intention that the e-magazine will help spread enjoyment of art in all its forms!


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