What is art exactly? Can graffiti in some situations be defined as art? Well, Toronto actually sets up an official panel in order to find out what to preserve or not of graffiti on walls in the city.

Toronto now creates an official five-member Graffiti Panel to take a close look at street art in the city. The panels jury consists of persons from the arts, urban design, architecture and other relevant disciplines in order to get a holistic view on the urban arts in Toronto – and what to preserve or not. The hard question is to define what art is – and isn’t.

Even tough it’s against law to paint on walls in the city in Toronto because they can be defined as other persons property, the city has begun to open its eyes to urban arts as a new genre of arts, whereby the best form this genre might should be preserved.

Graffiti Alley – a series of colorful backstreets only a few blocks form City Hall – has already been blessed by the Graffiti Panel. It has even been discussed whether to make Graffiti Alley a tourist attraction. In a near future other works in Toronto by anonymous and famous graffiti artists will be discussed by the Graffiti Panel.

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