Ai Weiwei: Grass Mud Horse Style

The world-famous artist Ai Weiwei has hacked into the Korean phenomenon PSY and delivers yet another call for a free and uncensored culture. The video has been censored in China.

Woob woob​​-woob​​-woob​​-woob ​​…. oppan gangnam style

That’s the sound of a YouTube epidemic titled Gangnam Style, which now has more than 530,000,000 views, but now the phenomenon has also hit the art scene’s absolute top. The chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s has created a special version of the South Korean rapper PSY’s famous musical hit.

Ai Weiwei’s verion of the song makes fun of the upper classes form Seoul and has been titled Grass Mud Horse, which draws a line to another work from 2011 entitled Grass Mud Horse Blocking the Centre, where a naked Ai Weiwei jups in the air with a white toy horse – a so-called grass mud horse – in front of his crotch.

In China the toy horse is called Cao nine ma which wounds a lot like the phrase ‘fuck you motherfucker’ in Chinese, which has become both a symbol of resistance to the Chinese controlled censorship and a way of swearing.

Ai Weiwei tells the CNBC:

“Overall, we feel that every person has the right to express themselves, and this right of expression is fundamentally linked to our happiness and even our existence,”

He futhermore decribes that:

“When a society constantly demands that everyone should abandon this right, then the society becomes a society without creativity. It can never become a happy society.”

Judge the video and action for yourself.

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