An Ukrainian steel billionaire and art collector (Victor Pinchuk) is extending his activities with a major exhibition of new paintings by Damien Hirst to be held at his art centre in Kiev next month, and a show of works by the Chapman brothers in 2013. But Pinchuk’s biggest coup to date is commissioning the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson to make five monumental pieces for his new Interpipe Steel Mill in Dnepropetrovsk in southeast Ukraine, including a 60m-high artificial sun, which dominates the skyline of the post-Soviet state’s fourth largest city.

One of Eliasson’s future works is Your thinking bridge, a walkway connecting the factory to the employees’ changing rooms. The bridge is covered with mirrors and dotted with reflected spheres, creating a never-ending tunnel.

Another future work for Interpipe Steel Mill is Dnepropetrovsk sunrise, made out of two intersecting yellow, corrugated metal ellipses; the vast installation is unremarkable during the day but transforms into a striking illuminated “permanently rising or setting sun” at dawn and dusk.


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