Yes, it’s actually true – even though you might find it hard to believe. Leading this revolution is Lumiere Technology (LT), a “multi-spectral” digitization technology that centers on a camera developed by the French photographer Pascal Cotte through a research program funded by the European Union.

Over a period of just 50-90 minutes, Cotte’s LT camera projects a ray of white light that passes multiple times across the surface of the painting being studied. During this process, the light spectrum is split, resulting in 13 different scans ranging all the way from ultra-violets to infrareds. These scans show us different aspects of the same painting, many not visible to the naked eye or even through a microscope.

LT scans are unprecedented in their faithfulness to the original painting’s actual appearance because the number of digital pixels employed is an astounding 240 million!

Read more about this incredible camera and view examples of the old master pieces as they originally were painted here.

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