Dear Fin DAC, please make a brief description of yourself. Where are you from, what is your background, how, when and why did you become an urban artist?

I am originally from Cork (Ireland) but, having lived in London most of my life, I am essentially a London boy. I became an urban artist just over 4 years ago: mainly to drag myself out of a very negative period of my life and to help redefine a life that had lost its way completely.

I’ve read that you’re the creator/a part of the urban/digital art brand called Beautiful Crime. Would you like to give me some more details about this? 

Beautiful Crime existed long before I had even an inkling of being an urban artist. It was originally the brainchild of 2 urban art enthusiasts and was the first company selling urban art online. It has morphed and changed over the years to incorporate much more and is now a hub for all types of artistic creativity. I got involved on a very ad-hoc basis over 3 years ago but the relationship blossomed very quickly due to our mutual hard work. I am now a partner in the company and the Artistic Director.

Artist Series: FIN DAC from Abid Khan on Vimeo.

Fin, I know you have developed a unique painting style – an urban artistic language – which you call Urban Aesthetics. Can you tell me more about it? 

Urban Aesthetics came about because of a need to differentiate myself from other artists. I wasn’t happy with a lot of what I saw in the English urban art scene and experienced a lot of negativity. I didn’t fit in but, more importantly, I actually didn’t want to. I became an artist to make myself happier… not to keep other people happy. So, getting negative opinions from people who I had nothing in common with and very little respect for was debilitating. Separating myself deliberately from them set me on the path to being a much stronger person: because I knew inside that they would hate me more because of it. I realised I was capable of …..

Want to read the rest of the interview with Fin Dac and view both videos about the artist and more pictures of his brilliant urban art?

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