Dear Sara, you are educated as a dance teacher in 1990 at Bjanov’s Danse-institut, have studied at Skolen For Moderne Dans in Copenhagen from 1992-1994 and are educated at Danshgskolan in Stokholm in 1996. Furthermore, I know you have danced yourself from 1938-85. 

But I’m curious to know more about how, when and why you became interested in (modern/new) dance? 

I met a fantastic contemporary teacher in 1990 called Ingrid Buchholtz. She was one of the founders of New Danish Dance Theatre. Her dance vocabulary was very physical and the way she related movement to the music was unique.

How come your own career as a dancer ended in ’85? 

 My own carrer as a professionel dancer ended in 1999 because of ….

Want to read the rest of the interview with Sara Gaardbo from Danseuddannelsen.dk and view more stunning videos and pictures?

Check out the new free online Toxique Magazine vol. 3 page 10 – 61

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