Dear Branimir Jaredic. I know you’re a 28-year-old photographer from Rijeka, Croatia, currently living in Limerick, Ireland. But I’m curious to know more about your background and furthermore how and why you began creating art? 

I actually started developing my creative expression at early age. I remember me as a kid always drawing something and annoying my older sister to draw me a batman because I was fascinated by that movie. Later in my puberty I was in rap faze and graffiti art, but at this moment am interested in photography and digital art.

I have read at the Internet, that your interest for photography began at Christmas 2009. What happened?

I had a big desire to express myself creatively, so photography was a logically choice because I suck at drawing. At Chrismas 2009 Santa seemed to have heard my prayers and ….

Want to read the rest of the interview with photographic artist Branimir Jardic and view more art by the artist?

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