Your Sound Galaxy is a new geometric installation light fixture by Olafur Eliasson focusing on a user-based interaction between compound geometric forms. The art piece consists of 27 polyhedra suspended from the ceiling and arranged in two horizontal, concentric rings. The polyhedra are further arranged in an ascending clockwise sequence, increasing in the number of faces per polyhedron as the sequence advances. These concentric circles are organized into nine ‘families’, consisting of three polyhedra each, which are organized within the circles like slices of a pie, where the two outer ‘dual polyhedra’ and one inner polyhedron make up one ‘family.’ The ‘dual polyhedra’ relate to each other in that the number of vertices on one match the number of faces on the other; the inner polyhedron is a physical combination of the two.

Embedded at the center of each polyhedron is an LED light that is activated by the presence of the viewer walking beneath each polyhedron. As the viewer interacts with Your Sound Galaxy, the LED lights turn on and off, their light glimmering through the narrow slits of space located between each face and its corresponding vertices. In this installation, the viewer is integral to the composition’s functioning and dynamism, activating the location and frequency of each lighted polyhedron.


This video shows various scenes from Eliasson’s Berlin Studio, including several shots including the construction and installation of Your Sound Galaxy.


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