Victoria Miro, London

Elmgren and Dragset: Harvest

21 September – 10 November

Harvest presents two choreographed environments which at first may appear visually and conceptually diverse, but through Elmgreen and Dragset’s own refined systems of logic, they bring to life a multi-layered set of narratives that play upon childhood memories, and question issues linked to our cultural heritage through a personally charged perspective.

Displayed in the downstairs gallery is a series of new unique monochrome works, the surfaces of which consist of white wall paint carefully removed from prominent museums and public galleries by professional conservators, using techniques employed to restore frescoes and murals.

In the upstairs gallery, and in stark contrast to the clean precision and clarity of the downstairs space, the artists lay out an altogether different setting, one that takes its cue from the rustic interior architecture of the bare-brick and wooden-beamed upper space of Victoria Miro. Here Elmgreen & Dragset present their playful version of a hayloft, replete with strewn hay and works that operate within a lexicon of rural iconography: a bronze hay bale and scarecrow, a sculpture of a young farm boy, abstract paintings derived from lines of timber work in medieval Northern European architecture and traditional German barns, and a timber wall-frame which reads KUNST, amongst others.


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