Dear Michael. I know that you are a talented self taught digital mixed media artist, but Iím curious to get to know more about your background, and moreover how, when and why you started creating art – in specific digital photographic manipulated art?

I was born in Manila in 1986. I’m of a mixed heritage – American, Filipino and Spanish. My family, they are artists, from my mother who is a singer, a talented dancer, my sister who is a ballerina and my brother who is a 3d animator at Weta Digital in New Zealand. I used to make a lot of drawings when I was younger, I was very inspired by medieval fantasy especially wizards, nightmarish creatures to magical animals. When I got my first guitar when I was 17, I became addicted to creating music. I formed a band and we used to make punk covers and sometimes we made our own music.

I got my first DSLR when I was 21. I was very excited about this because a year before this happened, I wished so bad to buy a DSLR but I never had the money! I got it as a gift and since then I’ve been trying to learn and educate myself in photography. A few months later, I saw for the first-time, a photo-manipulation on the internet. I got so inspired that I decided to learn this so, I looked up some tutorials on the internet and practiced and practiced.

Back then, I used to have a 9-5 job English teaching job and when I get home I made some photo-manipulations every night and I started applying to open calls from around the world and then I started sending applications to galleries to my country.

I gave up my job and focused my time on marketing myself and applying to open calls and also on finding freelance jobs and …


Read the rest of the interview and view more fantastic pictures by Michael V Manalo in the second issue of Toxique Magazine!



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