Dear Mark, I know that you are born in Manchester in 1963 and has accompanied your father in a family butchery and meat-packing business during your childhood and later as a teenager, after finishing two artistic foundation courses in Oldham and Rochdale Colleges of Art.

How has the work at the butchery – where you have learned how to deal with flesh, bones and structures of sinew – influenced on your creativity, if it has had any influence?

I did go into the family business from school but always wanted to do art, so i left and did a foundation course in Oldham and one in Rochdale. I was then going to do a degree but had no means to support this so ended up back in the meat market. The work was very tough and we started at 4am and worked right through until about 2pm.

How, when and why did you start creating art – as a completely contrast to the hard work at the butchery and the meat marked in Manchester? Have you always been drawing/painting?

At the time all i wanted to do was get out of there so i went to life drawing classes every week to keep my interest in art up and ….

Read the rest of the interview the second issue of Toxique Magazine!


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