Dear Anna, I know you live in Naples and Milan at this moment, that you have graduated with honors and attends Epistemology and Philosophy of Logic at the University of Milan – simultaneously you are a poet, performer, model and extremely creative – and quite provocative towards society.

But I’m curious to know more about your background and moreover how, when and why you started creating art, writing poetry, performing as an actress and working as a (beautiful) model?

 I started writing poems when I was 12 years old. At the same age I wrote my first screenplay, which was chosen from hundreds as the plot for the school play. I approached very early in high school in magic, esotericism, mythology and folklore tales. But I always loved computer, physics, chemistry and mathematics … I have a deep scientific background that often collides with the “magic”.

My mother is a sociologist, my attitude to “read” the society we live in certainly comes from her. My father has a more scientific mind. However, both have an artistic streak: my mother is also a painter and my father is also a photographer… but they are totally unrelated to the artistic circuit, they are both persons who like to live for the most “out of this world”.

I’ve always been very shy. As a child I did not tolerate people, when friends of my parents came to visit I hid under the bed!

I began to write on papers and notebook .. I remember my first self-produced poetry collection entitled “The essential essence of being human beings – The unknown’s revelation”. There is only one copy, written and bound by hand when I was 14-15 years approximately …

Since 2004 I wrote both my poetry and my thoughts on my blog using it as a “notebook” always accessible. Then something happened: a few years ago, in 2008, I was at a cultural event and one of my closest friends, (b)ananartista recited 3 words from my poem while he was performing live, the words were “ORISHA – FLOSGENICO – ECPIROSI”… the public’s reaction to these words, cryptic and hermetic, was interesting. So I started to read my poems at concerts, exhibitions and ….

Read the whole interview in the second issue of Toxique Magazine!



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