Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen opened an exhibition on June 1st with parts of Danh Vo’s ‘We The People’ project, that they will show a year from now! But the project is not only based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but affects the entire world and several cities!

‘We The People’ is an exciting project. It is an excact replica of the individual parts that the Statue of Liberty consists of created by artist Vo in Shanghai. Since 1886 the statue has symbolized hope for a better life for refugees and immigrants who came to New York. The copy is made ​​of the same thin copper material as the original, but unlike the original the copy is dissected into 400 individual parts that will be placed as individual artworks all over the world. Statens Museum has made this great feature that enables you to se where the different pieces are located in the world.

Vo has called sculpture We The People, whereby he recites the first three words of the U.S. Constitution from 1787. During the exhibition there will be a replacement of the parts so the work both nascent and decays.


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