Illustration artist: Hannah Chloe

Art in Flux is Premiere Arts and Curious Duke gallery biggest exhibition to date where more than 22 different artist participate!

It’s a huge event that lasts a whole month from the 5th of July – 11th of August 2012 at Premiere Arts Curious Duke Gallery, Whitecross Street, EC1Y 8QP.

From the 6 – 9th of July Premiere Arts Curious Duke Gallery invite to private views with both music, British refreshments, strawberry and cream cupcakes, etc.

Artists participating in the exhibition 

Agnetha Sjörgren

Andrea Tyrimos

Anna Rootes

Beibei Nie

Clare Shields

Dee Andrews


François Nichole

Hannah Chloe

Hannah Downing

Jacky Hutson


Karoline Rerrie

Katherine Penney

Lee Wardell

Mr Four Fingers

Odette Farell

Sandra Jordan

Tannaz Oroumchi

Titi Lee

Vanessa Haley

Victoria Scott

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