Dear Tommy, please make a brief description of yourself. (where are you from, what is your background, how and why did you become a photographer, and how, when and why did you start creating photographic art?)

My name is Tommy Ingberg and I am 31 years old. I am born and raised in Upplands Väsby just north of Stockholm, Sweden. As long I can remember I’ve been preoccupied with photography. When I was 15 years old I got my first system camera, a Praktica with two lenses, and it was then I decided that I wanted to do photography.  I needed a way to express myself, and instead of playing in a band, painting or writing I chose photography as an outlet for my creativity.

I have been doing photography as a small part-time business as well as a hobby alongside my day job. A couple of years ago I found my own expression in surreal photo montages. Today I work predominantly with these black and white, surrealistic photo montages in a series of pictures I call “Reality Rearranged”.

I do my photography in a studio as well as out in the field, and then combine the source material into images on the computer. My pictures start off with a feeling, a story, a riddle for the viewer to think about. I strive for simple, scaled back compositions with few elements, where every part adds to the story, but where there are still gaps for the viewer to fill.

Are you able to live solely from your art? What is your profession besides being an artist?

For me art is a serious hobby and I spend most evenings and weekends working on my pictures. For the last ten years I have also been running a small photography business together with a good friend on the side of my day job.  By day I work as ….

Want to read the entire interview with Tommy and view more pictures by the artist?

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