Dear Dariusz, you have graduated from an Art School in Zdunska Wola and have worked with photography for several years. This indicates that you must have been interested in art for a long time. 

But did you already start focusing on photographic art during you education or did you begin working with the photographic aspect of art after your education? (when, how and why did your interest for creating photographic – and specific digital manipulated – art begin?)

I have been interested in art since my youth. I studied photography in school, I always liked to experiment and seek new solutions. I did a lot of photos up at some point where I felt that the mere registration of reality was not enough for me, I prefer to create photomontages. I started about 10 years ago and felt it was a new, unrestricted area. Imagination is unlimited, the only obstacle is time.

Besides creating photographic art, you are the former chairman of the association of photographers called FOTOSIS. Could you tell me more about the association? 

Several years ago, a group of photography enthusiasts gathered around me. We met spontaneously, organized meetings in open air and crazy photo sessions. It soon became apparent that the group had more than 30 people and we became organized in an association. We created an informal group – Fotosis. Unfortunately I moved from my hometown but met the mother of my child. I know that many of these people continues to photograph and I  …

Want to read the rest of the interview with Dariusz and view more of his fantastic art works?

Go to the first issue of Toxique Magazine!


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