Please give a description of yourself, Nihil – where are you from, what is your background, how, when and why did you start creating art?

I’m 35 and live in Paris. I started writing when I was about eleven years old. I was just a solitary kid in dire need of an escape from the painful realities I began developing an imaginary, oniric, world that was about to grow more and more with the years. I think I’m still digging into it nowadays to expand the world, even though it’s a long time since my childhood ended. It was changed by my experiences and traumas, expressed differently according to my skills in different domains, but it’s still the same old inner compulsive pulsion to escape, and still the same shelter to protect me from mere reality. I am working on a dark, mystic anticipation novel, the images are another development of the same world. First I began making photos to illustrate the novel, then the images gained a life of their own and I began exploring different ways to express myself artistically.

Are you able to live solely from your art? What is your profession besides being an artist? 

Unfortunately, I have to work. For now, I manage to balance my budget and buy new hardware, which is good enough for me: I don’t think of art as a way to become rich. I’m not sure a lot of my fellow digital artists are able to live solely from their art unless making a lot of commission works (cd covers etc.) which is not in my plans because I don’t like to follow directions. So I works as an IT guy for now, and I used to work in medical healthcare. I was an animal surgeon, worked in medical research, in hospitals, in houses of old people, etc. I saw a lot of awful images in these jobs, participated making a lot of strange experiments. All of these experiences marked me for a long time, which you can track in my pictures.

Are you assigned to a gallery at this moment?

No, I just work with some galleries for exhibitions. We, digital artists, have ….

Want to read the rest of the interview and see more works by Nihil?

Go to the complete interview in the first issue of Toxique Magazine!


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